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Here at Environment Memo, we are still learning about how to do this to make a living, or at least make enough jack to allow for more blogging time. One perplexing thing is that it appears that advertisements coming from Google can be affected by “sensitive” wording or issues. If Google detects an issue that […]

PBS’s Frontline had an excellent show last night, which can be replayed on the web here.  Before stepping into some of the specific issues covered, I want to note one major point made in the show:  we are all part of many of the problems.  As one example, many personal home care products, as well […]

One problem with understanding why global warming is a very real possibility is that many people don’t have a basic understanding of the basic mechanisms by which molecules in the atmosphere absorb and re-emit radiation, adding to heating of the earth.  And infrared spectroscopy is not something covered in basic college educations, unless one majors […]