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Water reclamation for potable purposes has been getting a fair amount of exposure in the popular press. For example, Treehugger has a couple of articles, including one here, and last year the NY Times Magazine ran one on the subject.  There’s a need to add some important information for people to consider. One factor these […]

Realclimate has a post providing advice to a new/young blogger who is considering blogging about climate change. The usual plethora of interesting comments follow the article, which also countenances  caution in the context of one incident in which an unfortunate blogger ended up being taken out of context, and to the cleaners, by Glenn Beck, […]

Maybe we can harness the power of the web to help address the pesky problem of businesses that leave their doors wide open during summer. Someone needs to write an iPod/iTouch application to run when they see the problem, and then show the output to the store manager. The inputs to the application would be […]

As summer approaches, I do not look forward to seeing many local businesses leaving their entrance doors propped wide open all day in 95 degree heat.  This is done in some misguided attempt to draw in traffic.  When I was growing up, it was called “trying to air condition the outdoors,” and deemed very wasteful […]

Healthy debates about using reclaimed water have been going on for many years.  Water reclamation basically means using treated wastewater (that is, our treated sewage) for beneficial purposes, instead of, or prior to, discharging it to a water body. While most places call this approach water reclamation, in California it is called “recycling.”  The term […]

The Green Grok has a nice update on the Exxon Valdez oil spill.  One disconcerting fact among many discussed in the article is that oil persists beneath the sand at many sites in Prince William Sound, where the spill occurred.  The single comment after the article to date mentions a bioremediation product, and implies that the […]

As the economic crisis builds, will we see mass migrations to cities in the US?  That is the phenomenon in other parts of the world:  people move to cities seeking opportunities that do not exist in the countryside.  Shanty towns are constructed on the outskirts, and people eke out a living one way or the […]

USA Today reports today that thefts of electrical power are way up.  One telling statistic in the article is that “4% of home accounts” were shut off last year, a doubling over the the previous year. This information ties to one of the themes (or is it memes?) of Environment Memo in terms of the […]

There’s an op-ed in the most recent Sunday Times by Nicholas D. Kristoff about pathogens in pork.  The problem as discussed here is that nontherapeutic doses of antibiotics appear to be contributing to a rise in antibiotic resistant pathogens affecting humans.  As reported in the article, more than half of all antiobiotics used in the […]