Realclimate has a post providing advice to a new/young blogger who is considering blogging about climate change. The usual plethora of interesting comments follow the article, which also countenances  caution in the context of one incident in which an unfortunate blogger ended up being taken out of context, and to the cleaners, by Glenn Beck, who is a Fox News version of Morton Downey, Jr..

It seems to me that being discussed by Glen Beck might be good for anybody’s blog, in terms of increasing readership.  Nevertheless, people who take seriously the comments of non-science trained entertainers such as Beck are akin to those who would allow surgery by their barber, or, to use a milder metaphor, who would seek advice on a disease from a radio or TV announcer. Purely out of self-interest, most people would seek out someone with actual medical training if they had certain aches and pains, for example.

We should nevertheless be sympathetic regarding those who follow entertainers such as Beck, as their chief skill is making appeals to emotion. But would they really trust a doctor who was ranting and being a know-it-all while discussing a medical condition or procedure they or a loved one might require? Not likely. Thus, we really need to get our information from experts, and, in the case of climate change, from those who have in-depth scientific training and who worked hard to get it, not entertainers.