There’s an interesting article today by Sefan Rahmstorf, in which he criticizes Bjorn Lumborg for misrepresenting data on sea level changes.  Bjorn Lumborg has been around a while, assailing those who may sometimes be overly ardent in their predictions of environmental catrostophe, and sparking discussion of where to place priorities.  As an economist and political scientist, these may be a good roles for him.  But I think we should all bear in mind that economists and political scientists are social scientists, not scientists who have burned the midnight oil for many a night to understand the fundamentals of what they are talking about.

Further, we must not be deflected by criticism about measurements of effects of climate change, such as sea level increase or changes in the extent of ice cover.  Causes of climate change are an entirely different matter.  In an upcoming post I’ll explain why just about anybody who has studied chemistry beyond rudimentary sophomore college levels understands that increases in carbon dioxide and other compounds in the atmosphere are more than likely to result in warming of the surface of our planet (and that of others, for that matter).