The environmental blogosphere has been talking about a February George Will column on global warming.   Realclimate has a nice analysis with some great comments, and links to others’ discussions.  It seems Mr. Will may have overly relied upon opinion in examining and synthesizing a large number of facts, and may not have done a lot of in-depth research and/or consulting with the experts behind the data (on ice sheet extent) under scrutiny.   Nevertheless, we must applaud Mr. Will’s attempts to understand and put forward some scientific principles, and realize that the amount of time necessary to really dig into such a complicated topic is probably not available to a layperson with as  many irons in many fires as Mr. Will has.

We certainly cannot lose sight of the fact that there is a broad spectrum of opinion on what to do about global warming, and that perhaps is one of Mr. Will’s points.  On the one hand, people are raising alarms of gloom and doom,  in order to get things done.  On the other, many people are advocating very sensible approaches of economic benefit, such as  reducing reliance on foreign oil,  as responses not only to global warming, but to geopolitical factors as well.